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Wear Your Values – Our First Collection

By April 15, 2022May 9th, 2024No Comments

Meet Wild Folks first ‘Wear your Values‘ collection! For our Ukraine fundraising event we-created John Lennon’s iconic denim jacket. John Lennon dedicated his life to the anti war movement, he used his fame and voice to spread hope and peace around the world. John was the first Beatle to perform on Top of the Pops after the band split. While promoting his new song ‘Instant Karma’ he used this opportunity to send a message to the world ‘People for Peace’ , an anti war statement on the sleeve of his denim jacket. Through his music John Lennon taught us to stand up for what we believe in.

Peace is a strong word one that can mean different things to different people. Peace for me is a calming word, peaceful, peace of mind and my favourite, inner peace. I believe everyone in this world deserves to live in peace. It is a human right to have a home and have access to food and clean water. It is sad that nothing has changed since this photo was taken in 1970, power and greed still continues to destroy and take innocent lives. Our upcoming fundraising event is to raise money for the people of Ukraine but also to give hope to those who need it most. Our People for Peace fundraising event gives the people of Limerick an opportunity to show Ukraine we stand with them. Music can express feelings and emotion regardless of a language barrier and most importantly music can bring people together.

Of course we stayed true to our circular ethos by upcycling vintage denim jackets. We created our ‘People for Peace’ patches using scraps of old denim (legs of vintage jeans to be exact) I rescued some spoiled vintage jeans on a recent buying trip and cut them into shorts. I then saved as much of the fabric as possible, hence all the amazing colours! The patches were then printed with vegetable ink thanks to Greg from Execute Exist.

This is a limited edition collection of 30 pieces in a great mix of washes. I decided to offer some patches individually so you can DIY onto your own piece. Who doesn’t love a little creative DIY?

Liuda and Valentina are two strong and courageous women from Ukraine. A mother and daughter that I have been lucky enough to meet, they came and spent the last few days with me in Wild Folk. We have sat together and stitched each and every ‘People for Peace’ patch by hand. Luida is a creative queen and she loves to dance, her mum Valentina is super sweet, doesn’t speak English but is taking lessons and learning new words everyday. Remember that a smile or laugh translates into 1000’s of languages. Having them involved in this project and helping me has warmed my heart and made this collection more special then I could ever have imagined. These two angels are from Chernihiv in Ukraine. Luida has a 22 year old son that is a student back home along with Valentina’s husband and father of 92 yrs who stays with relatives. One of the many heartbreaking stories to come from Ukraine. Meeting them has taught me gratitude and gives me motivation to create a great fundraiser to raise their spirits along with funds. Our ‘Wear your Values’ jacket collection will go on sale from tomorrow. Luida, Valentina and myself would love your support, we believe buying clothes will not change the world, the people who wear them will.

Thanks you,

Fiona 𓅩

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