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Into The Wild

Our slow living platform was created out of a compelling need for change.

We guide you back to nature and inspire you to make small changes in your own life. We offer guides and stories to inspire you to live a more intentional life. We encourage you to slow down, to reconnect with nature and to live a more abundant life with less.

Our first offering is our Wear your Values slow fashion guide, where we take you on an 8 week journey of inspiration and self discovery. We have plans to share more creative guides to empower you to start your own slow living journey. 

We are all Wild Folk working together for the greater good and sowing seeds for a brighter tomorrow.

Slow living is not a destination, it is an endless journey of learning and cultivating a deep relationship with ourselves, others and the natural world.

Fiona - Wild Folk founder

Wear your Values

An 8 week slow fashion journey

A stylish outfit shouldn’t cost the earth! Our goal is inspire more intentional shopping habits and to teach creative ways to rethink your existing wardrobe and stop the vicious cycle of overconsuming.

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In Our Hands

An 8 week guide to begin your slow living journey

A down to earth guide to cultivate a soulful life rooted in traditional values and seasonal living.

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