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Hunt & Gather: Markets for conscious folk

By May 1, 2024May 9th, 2024No Comments

We held our first Hunt & Gather market in July 2023 in Wickham Way Limerick. An indoor market space with a thriving food court and weekly makers market. This idea came from many conversations over the years with our Wild Folk community. Folk looking to sell their own preloved clothes and to fill an evident gap in the secondhand market in Limerick. I have spoke to so many who have wardrobes full of precious finds that they no longer wear and find selling online complicated and a little frustrating. So I thought why not offer the Hunt & Gather to our community and see where it takes us. There is something amazing about watching someone fall in love with something you handpicked yourself. Being able to share the story of where you found it lives on in that piece for many years to come.

The name ‘Hunt & Gather’ came from a love of hunting cool finds at flea markets and car boot sales. Whenever I travel in Ireland or abroad I always seek markets as there is such a good energy with these events and they draws in a certain type, that loves the banter, bartering and a bit of craic. An eco-friendly and conscious human that craves for a world full of community and human connection. This is where we gather to talk about the importance of slow fashion, slow living and buying with intention.

I have always dreamed of holding our own events so keeping with this theme and staying true to our ethos of offering only items and materials already in circulation. Our Hunt & Gather events were born. They have been well received by our community and we had our 6th event in March 2024. Wild Folk has become a place to gather, learn and connect. Even though we have closed our Limerick Studio we aim to bring Hunt & Gather events to Galway. I’m excited to see where we bring these events in the future, so be sure to follow along for news and updates on our Hunt & Gather Instagram page HERE.

Fiona 𓅩

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