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“Traditional living is not a destination, it is an endless journey of learning and cultivating a deep relationship with ourselves, others and the natural world”

Fiona – Wild Folk founder Fiona

Slow Stories

Come, let us have tea and share ideas that fill our soul

Into the Wild community platform

Our aim is to build a strong community that aligns with our core values: ‘Respecting the earth’s resources while helping preserve Irish tradition’.

With your support I can continue to educate about green living and a slower way of life. In return I offer journal posts and video content from my own slow living journey that can add value to your own experience. Expect stories from the garden, plant based recipes, natural home DIY, herbal remedies, experimenting with fermentation and learning about the old Irish ways.

I am also very excited to share ‘Community Gathering’ a forum where you can connect with folk from across Ireland and in your own local community.