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Firmly Rooted in Mama Earth

By November 11, 2022May 9th, 2024No Comments

“Firmly Rooted in Mama Earth” © Wild Folk, 2022 •

Welcome to the first illustration in an ongoing collaboration with the talented artist Kerry Eugenie from Co Clare. Myself and Kerry have worked very closely over the last few months to bring you this beautiful piece of art. With this first offering I wanted to capture the essence of my childhood and growing up in nature. I have been in awe of nature since I was a child and growing up being so connected to the wild encourages me help protect it in my adult life. Respecting the earths resources in at the very root of the Wild Folk ethos and using our voice to inspire folk to do the same. I wanted Wild Folks first illustration to embody this and Kerry made this piece a little extra magical.

I often refer to sowing seeds of positive change and one day when I read the famous quote by Deepak Chopra I heard my purpose in life speaking back to me. It went a little like this In every seed there is a promise of a thousand forests”, this resonated with me on so many levels and what I am trying to achieve with Wild Folk. Every time Wild Folk impacts a person in a positive way, that person continues to send out a vibration in their own circle of friends, that goes on to impact an extended friend and the cycle continues. We create a ripple effect with the conscious decisions we make, but we are not always aware of it until someone’s tells us. So lets lead by example even if we dont always see it, but trust the positive actions we are taking radiate out into the world making a difference no matter how small. 

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