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Fire in the head

By May 8, 2024May 9th, 2024No Comments
“Fire in the Head” is an old Celtic expression, said to have arisen from Druidry. This phrase describes a state of being illuminated by inspiration, energy is said to pour from the head, creating a halo around the head of the inspired one. It is often seen around the heads of poets, musicians, mystics, dancers, writers, lovers, all who are illuminated by this radiant, inspiring fire pouring from the crown chakra” – Lucy Cavendish

When I first read this extract from my much loved Celtic Blessing cards it resonated with me immediately. You see this explains in perfect poetry how my journey with Wild Folk was initiated. It is such a beautiful expression of how I continue to create and weave new mindful products and connections through my business and how that fire in the head is still burning bright nearly 6 years on.

In October 2018 in the embers of a fashion blog “Style Resurrection” a website went out into the world where I offered vintage, preloved and reworked items. This took place from the spare bedroom of our old house in Copenhagen, but down in the basement I was learning to weave from a loom and looked to the west and what I hoped to bring to fruition once I returned to Irish soil. A rebrand, a relocation and alot of hard work the first phase of that vision came to life.

With every season I welcome in the energy of a new cycle, a new beginning and a new lesson. Samhain is one of those very prominent times of the Celtic wheel of the year that has always brought big shifts in my life. The 30th October 2021 was no different, after what felt like a lifelong dream I opened the doors to Wild Folk Studio in Limerick City, nestled in the cool and industrial Wickham Way Market. I’m not going to lie, the weeks running up to the opening were hectic as the studio refurbishment brought long hours, challenges and even a few tears. After weeks of work I still felt like it was not ready to open, not merchandised enough, not perfect, but would it ever have been. So I silenced the perfectionist in me that day and opened the doors. Wild Folk is always adapting, changing and evolving and I continue to learn my purpose and how I can serve within our community.
Here we are again at a potent time of the Celtic year Bealtaine, meaning ‘bright fire’ or ‘fires of bel’. This is the half way point between Spring Equinox and the Summer solstice. Bealtaine is said to bring energies of expansion that help us blossom to our full potential. The idea of moving to Galway has been niggling me since myself and Ali recorded our video A Calling Home. When I set foot infront of my old family home and walked the bogland in front of my grandmothers house the fire in the head has been there ever since. So much so that I moved home to Galway last November but it was only then that I started to see this move could be a reality for Wild Folk Studio aswell.
Since Wild Folk was a little seed in my head I have wanted it to be a place to gather. As amazing as my little studio was in Limerick I had out grown the nest, I wanted to fly into the full vision but I felt I couldn’t fully expand my wings there. So I decided to take a leap of faith and I closed the studio in Limerick at the end of April. I felt I was putting my energy into something that wasn’t the purpose I set out to achieve. To someone looking in Wild Folk might appear to be a vintage store but it is so much more than that. Our slow fashion studio grew into a place to gather, learn and connect. I had been sitting with the idea of moving Wild Folk home to Galway for months and no matter how many doors I knocked on or numbers I called I have not yet found a new space for Wild Folk, a space that ticked the wishlist boxes. I felt inorder for Wild Folk to grow I needed to fly the nest and trust that the path will open up for us.
Two years and seven months is along time in a space when you work solo I got attached to it, so saying goodbye was harder then I thought. I have learned over the years to trust the process but most of all i have learned to trust myself and what my intuition is telling me. It has been telling me to move back to the wild, that Wild Folk is ment to be in the countryside not in a city centre, but closer to nature. I feel that Wild Folk can make a bigger impact in my local town of Gort than it could in a city centre. Since we opened we have cast a large net here in the west so it was important for me to stay connected with the community that we have built over the years. That is one of the main reasons for creating our Into the Wild platform, to share my experiences with you and not everone feels the call to move to Gort ha ha. I am eternally grateful for the incredible community we built in Limerick and before I sign off I want to say how much I appreciate you being here and believing in the Wild Folk ethos. You have been my biggest inspiration! At the end of the day we just need a few embers to keep the fire lit, I hope to catch you sharing your fire in our new Community Voice forum🔥
“May you receive Fire in the Head, fueled with inspiration, resonance and endless possibilities” 
Fiona 𓅩

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