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“We exist with the soul purpose to inspire slow and intentional living. We hold a deep respect for nature and use our voice to share simple ways to help preserve the earth's precious resources”.

Fiona Griffin - Wild Folk founder

My name is Fiona Griffin and I am a proud country woman from the wild west of Ireland. I was born and raised outside the charming heritage town of Gort in South county Galway. I hold a deep gratitude for growing up in a home where my parents allowed me to run wild to enjoy the simple things in life. Our home was surrounded by bogland, a lake, woodland, meadows and an abundant supply of seasonal blackberries.

I have been practicing slow and green living since the end of 2013. But it was my return home to Ireland in 2020 after a 10 year stay in Denmark that was a real catalyst for change. It has become very clear that my purpose is to use my voice to help protect the land and our ancestral ways. As I continue to learn about the old ways and working with plants the stronger I feel the call to share those experiences with you. I am proud to say that our mission continues to inspire others to reconnect with themselves, nature and forgotten Irish traditions.

The Wild Folk mission is simple, we are rooted in a circular and low waste ethos. We chose secondhand first or upcycle before buying new. We use our voice to teach and inspire folk to make conscious decisions about what they bring into their home. We understand the importance of supporting local, Irish businesses that care about local communities and the earth. We might be a small island but we are thriving with guardians of the land, storytellers, conscious creatives and elders willing to teach us the old ways so they are not forgotten.

Wild Folk has evolved since its journey began in October 2021 as a slow fashion studio. Our Wild Folk community is growing and growing and what a fine bunch you are! I am a one woman show, and navigating this little business can be challenging at times. Running up that hill is worthwhile when I get to connect to other kind souls dancing to the beat of the same drum.

Our Limerick studio grew into a place to gather, learn and connect. I hope our paths cross sometime in the near future, until then keep spreading the good word!