Our Story
Wild Folk was born out of a want for change, positive and creative change.

I have worked in the fashion industry for almost 20 yrs where I worked for some of the worlds biggest highstreet giants. I grew tired of the fast fashion train and working for profit focused companies that didn’t care about their people, garment workers in their supply chain or the devastating effects their practices were having on our home mama earth. Here at Wild Folk we value the earth and its resources more than any stylish outfit.
I believe we have the power to change the world we live in, by making small changes together we can really make a big difference. Buying with intention and being aware to consume at all is the first step in the right direction. Wild Folk is not just about fashion it is a lifestyle.
My sisters and I grew up running through the fields of south county Galway. We were always exploring nature and spent our Summers swimming in the lake next to our grandmother’s house until the sun told us it was time to walk home. On another day you could find us rescuing tadpoles from dried out pools, making pottery from mud or climbing trees like the wild folk we were. On the way home we would steal our neighbours crab apples and eat blackberries and gooseberries until our stomachs ached. To our mothers despair we would arrive home most evening’s covered in dirt and even missing shoes but we always brought home tales of our adventures and our love for the outdoors. Every child that comes into this world deserves to experience all the wonders nature has to offer and more. Lets take care of Mama Earth so young hearts continue to run free.

– Fiona Griffin, founder of Wild Folk

The Process

We work in harmony with Mama Earth to inspire sustainable and creative change. We make a conscious effort to consume less and buy with intention, while helping to preserve some of the earth’s precious resources. We are constantly reviewing our practices to become as low waste as possible.

Each piece is thoughtfully handpicked from items already in circulation. This means that all items are either preloved, vintage, reclaimed or upcycled back to life. We focus on the life cycle of each product and we rise to the challenge to find creative ways to reuse our waste. We rework denim to make it unique and add character. We alter and mend pieces to extend there life so they can be enjoyed for longer. We rescue old fabric by naturally dyeing with food waste and fallen nature making a tired piece wearable again. If the dyed fabric is no longer deemed wearable we make something beautiful by upcycling it into our handwoven wall hangings. The only item we buy new is the recycled cotton cord for our handwoven wall hangings. This cord is made from recycled textile from both landfill and production waste so we are still staying true to our ethos.

Every piece we bring into our studio has a past life, carries an interesting story and now begins a new journey with us.

It only made sense to align Wild Folk’s packaging with it’s values. For small to medium orders your item will be posted inside a 100% recycled paper envelope which is Blue Angel certified. If you order an item or many items too big for our envelopes your order will be shipped in a recycled kraft cardboard box wrapped in 100% recycled unbleached tissue paper that also carries the Blue Angel cert. All boxes are sealed with brown eco-tape because we believe you shouldn’t have to deal with excess plastic packaging when trying to make a more sustainable shopping choice.

We wash our products in a non-toxic laundry detergent from the Irish company Lilly’s Eco clean. We never, ever dry items in the tumble dryer, or run reworked denim through the dryer to give it that ‘lived in look’, we just spend more time distressing it for you.

Together we can make your purchase as less wasteful and as kind to the planet as possible.