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I Am Enough

By June 9, 2022May 9th, 2024No Comments

I’ve been working in retail for almost 20 years and i’ve lost count the amount of times I’ve watched a customer go into the fitting rooms feeling incredible and excited to try on an item of clothing, only to reappear a few minutes later to be completely deflated because it didn’t live up to the expectation or mostly because they feel they don’t have the right body to wear it.

One that hits harder is watching them come out from behind the curtain loving life and already imagining where they would wear it and their friend or partner telling them they look awful. I can almost feel their energy hit the floor. Folks we should always remember to be kind and that our words have power and stick with a person for alot longer than that encounter.

Just because that item of clothing didn’t fit you right means that piece is not for you. There is something more amazing out there waiting to meet you. It has nothing to do with being too full, too skinny, too short, too tall, too big busted, too flat chested, too feminine, too masculine…not enough!…..You are perfect just the way you are and no label, fit or the weight of other people’s opinion gets to dictate that.

I asked the lovely Clodagh Laffan to create a custom piece for our fitting rooms to celebrate everyBODY! So when you stand in here trying on clothes know that you have a tribe of Wild Folk cheering you on and we say wear whatever the f**k you want! Whatever makes you feel good and always, always let your freak flag fly! Thank you Clodagh for bringing my idea to life, she sketched these beautiful Irish Wildflowers as hair! And I asked her to flip the text so when you are looking at yourself in our fitting room mirror you can read your affirmation of the day.

Repeat after me “I am Enough!
Fiona 𓅩

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